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Virtual High School Meanderings - http://virtualschooling.wordpress.com

This is my research blog, which focuses upon issues pertaining to distance education within the K-12 system, specifically the use of virtual high schools. I use this blog to communicate research ideas and post general thoughts and information about virtual schooling. This blog is maintained fairly regularly.

Breaking into the Academy - http://mkbabd.blogspot.com/

This blog was originally created to act as a way to chronicle the trials and tribulations of completing my Ph.D. and finding that first job. It has in fact been used more as a way to join in professional discussions with other bloggers on issues in the academy and various professional associations that I belong to, along with being a forum to bounce around non-virtual schooling research ideas. It was maintained up until July 2007.

Rock Ruminations - http://rockruminations.blogspot.com/

This blog was originally created as a personal blog to allow me to post ideas about things that did not relate to my work or my profession. Basically a fun place to play. It was maintained up until December 2006. This past year I have begun to use this space to post things from time to time, mainly "Do It Yourself" or DIY fitness projects.

Rural Education Special Interest Group of AERA

This blog was the official website of the Rural Education Special Interest Group (SIG), which promotes scholarly conversation about the lives of rural people, places and their schools through research and provides a forum for dissemination of this research. This SIG is part of the American Educational Research Association. I was unsuccessful in looking for other contributors for this space among the membership when I was no longer devote the time necessary to maintain it, so now it is only updated when I get notices from the executive about awards or around the annual meeting.

AECT Conference Interns Blog

This is the official website for the Association for Educational Communications and Technology conference internship program. As a 2006 conference intern, I have access and will contribute to this blog from November 2006 to November 2007.

AECT Blog Track: Hanging Out My Shingle - http://blogtrack06.blogspot.com/

During the 2006 Association for Educational Communications and Technology annual convention, the convention planners tried a new type of technology-enhanced session, the Blog Track. The purpose of these sessions was to allow multiple "presenters" to create a focused discussion / exploration / investigation of a key issue. This first blog was my participation in one of the two of these new sessions - Blog Trek: The Next Generation. The purpose of this sesson was to trace the journey of a group of people who were creating an online presence outside of our institutional services.

AECT Blog Track: Virtual Schooling - http://mkbvs.edublogs.org/

This is my participation in the second of the 2006 Blog Track sessions - Emerging Trends in the Research on Online Learning Environments. My focus in this Blog Track was online learning in the K-12 environment, specifically virtual schooling.

The Program

The Program is the graduate student blog of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology. I maintained this blog from the time of its creation in March 2005 until December 2005.